Meet Mary, the CEO & Owner!

Meet Mary, the CEO & Owner!
๐Ÿ‘‹ย  Mary here! You might recognize my name or photo from your inbox. I'm the owner of Neighborwoods. After starting out as the intern back in 2013, I'm now very proud to run this women-owned small business. I'm around to answer any questions, work with customers to create unique custom-branded products, and really anything else that needs to be done.

I'm currently living by the beach in Southern California with my husband and our dog, Spock. Before settling here, I grew up in the midwest, have lived up and down the East Coast (Boston, Philly, and Brooklyn), and spent two and a half years driving across the country, exploring big cities and small towns. I've seen first hand the pride people have for where they're from and love that our products bring that into homes everywhere.

Happy to have you on this journey with me!
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Custom Branded Gifts

Create a unique custom branded gift for your customers, employees, and community. Customize any of our existing city coaster designs with your company logo or artwork. Or, we can explore new ideas and create a personalized product tailored just for you and your team.

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